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EC series caps are heatshrinkable caps with a precoated adhesive for

permanently sealing cable ends. EC caps are inexpensive protections for

storing low and medium voltage cables used with burial and cable tray applications.


EC series caps  cover a conductor six range from #8AWG-2500 kcml, in a

single core power cables rated as primary insulation up to 1000 volts. Caps

electrically insulate and permanently seal all types of low voltage cables. These caps provide excellent storage protection for medium voltage cables. These heat

shrinkable end caps can be removed without any loss of cable length.


EC series caps are recommended for sealing all cable ends prior to pulling the

cables through conduit. This prevents contaminated water in the conduit from

being forced into the conductor while pulling with basket grips or similar devices.

It is also recommended for cables already pulled that are not terminated or slpiced

within twenty four hours.

EC Series Caps